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Solid Roofing offers every residential customer the benefit of our extensive experience and technical knowledge of roof materials. Get the best advice to make the right choice for your new roof installation or re-roofing project.

When it comes to roofing, you need a reliable, professional team you can trust, and your specific circumstances will call for a particular type of roofing materials for optimal results.

To ensure you get it right, chat through your options with our professional team to ensure your building is appropriately protected from the elements and your roof is set up for maximum longevity.

Choose the right roofing products.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach regarding the right roof for the job. Selecting materials for a new roof installation or re-roofing should include several considerations.

You should factor in things like the projected lifespan and the warranty offered, the level of maintenance required, the slope or pitch of your roof, and the weight your framing is built to handle.

You will need to choose roof materials that align with your budget, and you should understand how the prevailing climate will affect those materials in terms of the wear and tear your new roof will be subject to over its lifespan.

Many property owners are interested in maximising insulation and other energy-contingent factors – or you could be looking for a roof that, above all else, looks good.

The right information saves you money and time.

You can save money and time if you approach your new roof installation or re-roofing project with the right advice and select the right product.

Understanding which application is suitable for your property design, what the initial cost versus maintenance cost might look like – and exploring which choice will be easy to install – can help you offset costly mistakes and long-term headaches.

Our Products

Our products have been chosen for their particular standout properties to offer our customers the best range of options to meet their needs. Each client will have unique requirements, so we offer four excellent roofing material options.

Long Run Steel

We choose resilient, good-looking COLORSTEEL to deliver outstanding aesthetics across 20 designer colours and a highly durable option perfect for Auckland’s changeable climate.

Asphalt Shingles

A great option for the budget-conscious, designed to go the distance and is relatively lightweight. Asphalt shingles can be installed in various contemporary colours to suit a broad range of property designs.

Wooden Shingles

A timeless classic, these are often constructed from cedar and provide a wonderful aesthetic option. Available in red or white, your wooden shingles require a little extra care and maintenance.

Rubber Roofing

An innovative option made from recycled rubber, which is low maintenance and suited to flat roofs. Extremely weather resistant and low maintenance, quick to install and repair.

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Solid Roofing ensures you get the best roof for your particular requirements. We work on time, offering cost-effective solutions and full material and workmanship guarantees. We install on new builds, we offer re-roofing with minimal downtime, and we can maintain and repair your roof – whether or not we installed it.

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First, we consult with you to understand your needs; then, we make recommendations. Our crew provides a free, no-obligation quote and works fast and clean throughout the process, including safely removing old roofing materials.

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